The Australian Postie Bike Grand Prix

Proudly presented by

Cessnock Motorcycle Club Incorporated

Outline of the Event

The event will be a motorcycle race team event held in the streets of Cessnock’s Central Business District. The streets utilised will be closed to traffic and local cafes encouraged to trade Al Fresco style to the crowds that line the course. The Honda CT110 Postie Bike is the ideal platform for such a race as the iconic nature of the machine will attract a high level of interest and yet the relatively low speeds the machine is capable of will enhance spectators vision of the race while mitigating risk and liability. Each team will be made up of four persons being two riders and two pit persons. The event is focused on providing ‘family friendly’ entertainment and will be utilised as the primary Community Engagement Event for Central Hunter LAC Police for 2014 where safe and lawful motorcycling is emphasised and promoted.

Rules Regarding Qualifying Heats

  1. The start of the heats will be a running motor ‘Le Mans’ style start with motorcycles on the start line supported by a pit person and riders to mount the machines following a shot gun start.
  2. The qualifying sessions will be held over 24 laps which will equate to approximately 45 minutes for the lead teams.
  3. Teams must change riders on a minimum of three occasions during the qualifying session. The scheduling of the rider change will be managed by the teams two pit persons using pit boards.
  4. A single rider must not ride in excess of fourteen of the twenty four laps.
  5. Any team detected by the race marshals not complying with the rules will be called into the pit area, held for a one minute penalty and be required to change riders at that time.
  6. A breach of the above rules can also be detected by examination of the electronic timing records post race following any protest. In this case the one minute penalty will be added to the teams overall race time.
  7. There is no mandatory re-fuelling required during the qualifying heats


Rules Regarding Two Hour Grand Prix

  1. The twenty seven teams succeeding via the qualifying heats into the Grand Prix will be seeded using qualifying times. The start of the race will be a gridded start in Hall Street Cessnock.
  2. Riders will be aboard their bikes with engines running on the grid
  3. Grid positions one to twenty seven will be allocated to the fastest qualifiers and position twenty eight will be allocated to the wild card entrants as chosen by the events major sponsors.
  4. The rider will alternate with the co-rider at a maximum distance of every ten laps. The scheduling of the rider change will be managed by the teams two pit persons using pit boards.
  5. Any team detected by the race marshals exceeding a distance of ten laps without changing rider will be called into the pit area, held for a one minute penalty and be required to change riders at that time.
  6. A breach of the ten lap maximum for rider change can also be detected by examination of the electronic timing records post race following any protest. Any protest upheld for such a breach could result in disqualification.
  7. Each team must undertake one mandatory fuel stop during the Grand Prix at which time an amount of fuel must be placed into the fuel cell of the machine. A dead engine is required during refuelling. Failure to observe the dead engine condition in regards to refuelling will result in the machine being held at the fuel stop for a further period of one minute by marshals
  8. The Australian Postie Bike Grand Prix will be run for a duration of two hours at which time the lead rider will be shown a ‘last lap’ board. Following that lap the lead rider will receive the chequered flag and all the following riders will finish upon crossing the line irrespective of what lap they are on.

The rules outlined above are not a complete list of the competition rules. Please check the supplementary regulations page for detailed rulings of the event.  


The Course:

The course commences with the start line situated at the intersection of Hall Street and Charlton Street Cessnock, heading west down Hall Street for 100 metres then crossing Darwin Street and then entering the grounds of the Hunter Institute TAFE Cessnock Campus. The course then turns right before exciting the campus left onto North Avenue and then turning left onto South Avenue then left back into the Cessnock TAFE Campus. Turning right within the campus the course emerges turning left back onto South Avenue then left again back into the campus. The course then winds right and out of the campus for the final time. Having left the grounds of the Cessnock Campus the course turns right onto Darwin Street then left onto South Avenue once more then left into Charlton Street  and past the rear of the Ex serviceman’s Club before completing the lap by turning left onto Hall Street and crossing the start/finish line.


Course map with border complete

The Postie Bikes Used in Competition:

In order to qualify to compete in The Australian Postie Bike Grand Prix 2014 the bikes utilised must be genuine Honda brand step through motorcycles with a capacity not exceeding 110CC. The bikes are required to be standard as manufactured in all basic specification particularly in terms of exhaust/muffler and capacity. The only modification allowed is the tyres of your choice for the event. Once a machine has passed scrutineering it will be secured within the parc ferme and no alteration will be allowed to the motorcycle prior to racing.



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