Posties With A Purpose 2017

1st October 2017
By Powersites Admin

CMCC is pleased to be supporting the "Posties with a Purpose" again this year - they head off on Thursday 19th October 2017 for an action packed adventure on the north coast fire trails to raise money for John Hunter Children's Hospital Music Therapy Program.
Anthony McNamara (Macca) and 30 of his crazy mates will spend 4 days on postie bikes and cover 1400kms which is a mighty effort.

Please take a look at the attached flyer for more details and the "purpose" behind this event.

To make a donation, visit the Posties with a Purpose EveryDay Hero account

And support your favourite team member (like everything at our club - they are competitive on the trails and in the money raising stakes).

For more info visit their Facebook page or google "Posties with a purpose"

You can track their progress via the following link: Posties with a Purpose Spot Tracker
All the best guys - look forward to hearing the stories and watching the videos - stay safe!

Website: Posties with a Purpose Facebook Page

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